Friday, 3 February 2012

My heart is broke already .

Why people never understand our feelings ? Because they don't feel what we feel right . Maybe sometimes when they introuble they find we back right .

People always like lying his/her friend include me , why people seeking for boyfriend . What is improtant for seeking boyfriend ? Nothing right . Please don't ever lying or keep something for your family , siblings and you lovely gf/bf .

Okay kids or teneagers nowdays like something free its mean their family apporve them go out with friend . Woah so like adult ha , yesterday i saw one kid use BBM okay. I just use sony ericson je .

Okay back to the title ! Hmm what about me today ? I'm just normal having fun , sad and bla..bla..bla . Its bacis for normal person . I feel dispointed , sad , bad , harsh , worsth horrible and sucks .

So if you guys had GF/BF take care of their heart , don't fighting okay . Take her like you take care you heart .

Okay thats all for today . good night/morning , bye assalamualaikum . 

Love xoxo
NadhirahCat .
(if you like someone , let it go like his/her way) .

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