Saturday, 4 February 2012

Heart is for WHO ?

Everyone have BF right , but why they thorwn YOU like the rubbish ? Have they do wrong to you ? . It would be sad right . Paitient .

Everyone know what is LOVE , but why they don't find the true love ? Its that hard ? Hard ? Actually its not hard . Be paitient .

Everyone have FAMILY , but why you don't love them as you love your BF ? Because your heart is not anymore for them right . Be paitient .

Everyone have religion , but why you don't follow them as you follow the TWITTER people ? Because your heart not for your religion anymore . Be paitient .

So how ? If you want to couple or something BE PAITIENT people because it will come self . Its right maybe who know . Right ? So sabar sikit okey .

NadhirahCat .

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