Friday, 17 February 2012

How it became?

Actually i love you okay , no one knows about us . Sayang why you to busy ? I'm know you still young but i totally miss you . Please can we skype ? I miss you .

How it became actually ? Actaully its became on FaceBook . Yelah Cinta Muka Buku kan . I never meet him for a first time , but now we can see each other on skype . We see each other at a same school .

Today i meet him ! He is so cute . I want to talk with him but he just say 'hi' to me , and he just go like that . I call him 'came here came here' and he says 'kejap kejap' with his beautiful hand but at the same time i talk to my friend so he wouldn't came .

After that my mother is coming , i was mad at him . But i totally clam down for a while . He just like get sad and sad . But i don't know why he don't want to came to me ? . So i just like 'huh' .

I just really miss him much i can . So dear please read this ! I hope so you read this and understand what i mean .
So how it became like? like 'unfortunetly' . hehe :) . Everyone says him rude actually he is good , i been through all this long time a ago kid nowdays .

So please do not hurt him okay if you love him how much you can okay . Sabar lah dia akan datang dengan sendiri percayalah betul . Don't worry be happy ! Think positive kid NOWDAYS . 

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