Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Penang Story

hey guys today i wanna tell the story i went to PENANG it's so much have fun there fist i check in the hotel and the hotel is not big like langkawi ( i went to langkawi 3 years ago) so continue back in that day my father were going to his work at Nibong Tebal , and the hotel is beside at his work shop . after his finished work he came back to his hotel and rest for a min . After the rest it's going night and we were hungry , so we went out find some food . so we went to the restraunt ate some delicious food there . after we ate the we back to the hotel for rest . yeah !!! . the tomorow begining that was my birthday , i'm so happy in that the lunar eclipse came out at night . so countiune the story hmmm first i went to BUKIT BENDERA to go up there should take the train , the railways just like mount way , so high but when we finsh to go up there the train just like snail so late to stop muweheheheheheehehehehe . after the train stoped we went out of the train i so shock because i never seen PENANG for my life it's so beautiful . i take the sence picture up there , ya allah so beautiful . i never imagine it before . after take the picture i went down , the train it's so fast anyway . we ate and many more i think . i feel so tried in that so i sleptover in the car , at the 6 six o'clock i realized i was i in the car but the big ferry take the car with us , all car in the penang in the big ferry . i was so shock in that day . after arived i was at the perbadanan rnr , the tolite is so dirty like fucking shit . after we rest fo a while at rnr we went to kedah , yay ! the way is so long , it take like 2 hours like that , and after that my uncle call stop at the past of tol hahahahahahahah . and i arived at the kak norlia home . i really miss aqil awww that sweet right . the night the lunar ecplise came out wow so nice . after the day , we slept at her house i really her house , and that day i was really tried . we back at home yay ! the three day i was in the two states , wow so tried already .

thanks for reading my story . bye assalmualaikum :D
p/s - i went there just me , my mom and my brother . we went there at 9-11 dec . just three day .

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